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Why you'll love 143 Sensory

Does your baby love singing? Is your baby desperate to wiggle about? Would you like their senses to be stimulated in a safe environment? Are you keen to involve them in sensory play but worried about the mess? If so, 143 Sensory may be the class you have been looking for!

Founder Ashella Hale's dreams became reality when she launched 143 Sensory in June 2017 whilst on maternity leave with her son Hendrix. Keen to leave behind the fashion industry and instead focus on a fulfilling family friendly career, Ashella wanted to provide parents with a sensory class that offered her own creative twist. Ashella says that becoming a 'MumBoss' has been the best move for her to date.

So, what makes 143 Sensory different to other baby classes? 

143 Sensory classes are run in Cheltenham, the Forest of Dean and Abergavenny. 143 Sensory is aimed at children aged 6 weeks to 13 months and the sister class 143 Messy Music is for children aged 10 months to 4 years. Excitingly, 143 Massage Me is now on the horizon too.

The 143 in the name stands for the number of letters in each word of 'I love you'. It is clear that each class has been lovingly prepared with every lesson focused on a theme which incorporates music, movement and exploration for baby. For instance, this week's classes are Valentine's Day themed.

Each class begins with a 'hello' song to greet everyone and every session also ends with a 'goodbye' song. It is well documented that repetition is important in a child's development and Ashella prides herself on ensuring that every 143 Sensory class contains the perfect mix of activities designed to support, encourage and strengthen baby's skills.

Each activity is carefully planned to ensure that it is both age and development appropriate as well as providing a balanced mixture of stimulation and relaxation.

Parents are well looked after too with part of the class dedicated to a hot drink and snack while baby is encouraged to continue with their own sensory journey through messy play zones safely in sight.

'I really wanted to listen to the needs and wants of the people who would be attending my groups. I took the time to speak to parents and by taking into consideration their views I've shaped my classes accordingly. I always provide time to talk while enjoying a drink and a slice of cake and I continue to run classes throughout the holidays.'

'I have also taken the advice of teachers, planning each session carefully to maximise the benefits for baby. Sensory play is a passion of mine and I love doing what I do! I am so touched by the continual support, reviews and feedback I receive from all of the lovely parents, carers, grandparents and babies that attend my groups so if you are one of them - thank you so much!'

Thrifty Bubba has loved taking part in 143 Sensory classes. No two classes are the same - she has enjoyed stories, puppets, songs, tastes, textures and she always sleeps well afterwards!

To book a free taster session and for more information about 143 Sensory please visit the dedicated social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram.

Love, Thrifty Mumma X

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