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Sunshine, snowflakes and snowdrops: Mouse About Town and Rococo Gardens

Deep, sleeps the Winter,
Cold, wet and grey;
Surely all the world is dead;
Spring is far away.

Wait! the world shall waken;
It is not dead, for lo,
The Fair Maids of February
Stand in the snow!

~ The Snowdrop Fairy - Flower Fairies - Cicely Mary Barker ~

Last week, I was lucky enough to have some beautiful keepsake photographs taken of my very own snowdrop fairy by the talented Cheltenham photographer Gill Thomas, founder of Mouse About Town.

Thrifty Bubba and I were invited to visit the snowdrops at Painswick Rococo Garden and we leapt at the chance to revisit this beautiful eden in the Painswick valley. We are so lucky to have such picturesque places to visit in Gloucestershire.

The early morning drive to Painswick was eerie with snowflakes falling across the Cotswold skies and on arrival we were greeted by Gill who was instantly warm and friendly.

She guided us through the grounds and down to the lower gardens where thousands of delicate snowdrops carpeted the floor. We set to work immediately as the light was good and it was clear to see why Gill's photo shoots are so popular. We felt at ease straight away as Gill explored different angles and levels to find the best photographs.

Gill worked hard to get to know us quickly so that she could call us by name, gently guide our poses and help us to relax in front of the camera. She captured some lovely, natural shots which we plan to use as Mother's Day gifts in March.

Once the photo shoot was complete we were able to explore the grounds in the Winter sunshine. It was so lovely to get some fresh air whilst enjoying the birdsong, admiring the plants and the lovely views. We looked at the maze and marvelled at the freshwater plunge pool which remains at a steady 12C for intrepid swimmers to brave! Getting out and about really helped me to beat the Winter blues and feel excited for the spring awakening.

When we decided it was time to thaw out we headed to the café for a well earned hot drink and cake. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the café is well set up for children with multiple high chairs and clean baby changing facilities. While the gardens themselves are probably better suited to baby carriers there is a path if you require a pushchair and the car park offers ample spaces.

We had a wonderful morning in the beautiful surroundings - many thanks to Gill for organising the event and providing us with such lovely photographs and to Painswick Rococo Gardens for hosting us in their stunning setting.

To find out more about Mouse About Town or to book a photoshoot then please call Gill Thomas on 07983 465 414 or email Alternatively, you can visit the dedicated website or connect with Gill on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

To find out more about Painswick Rococo Garden and plan your visit then please go to the dedicated website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Love, Thrifty Mumma X

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