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Mummy reviewer series: Comfort Perfume Deluxe 'Lavish Blossom'

I don't know about you but washing clothes is one chore that I don't really look forward to - it always creates so much mess and the process is so long! However, what if there was a product that could make washing a delight?

If, like me, you are swayed by scents then this may be a product for you. Comfort have recently released a range of ultra-concentrated fabric conditioners under its 'Perfume Deluxe' brand. According to comfort, the scents in this range have been crafted by perfume experts.
This week I have used Comfort's new 'Lavish Blossom' scent which includes 'an extraordinary blend of floral and oriental notes, with white flowers, amber and citrus fruits for a seductive and enveloping scent'. I really like the smell of this product - it is subtle, not overpowering and almost reminds me of the scents you would encounter in a spa.

Comfort aim to encourage their consumers to 'indulge in the expertly crafted perfume, inspired by the most sop…

Hypnobirthing: My positive birth experience as a first time Mumma

Like most Mums to be, the thought of giving birth made me feel anxious. However, in equal parts, I felt strongly that my body would know what to do. I felt it was important to focus on the positive feelings I had and so, I decided to enrol on a Hypnobirthing course. The Bump to Baby Chapter caught my eye because they offered a midwife-run women only Saturday course in a beautiful venue – what’s not to love? Beth and Kate were wonderful, welcoming and instantly made me feel at home. The other ladies were absolutely lovely too and we spent the day giggling, relaxing and working through our hopes for the day our babies would enter the world. The most important thing I learnt on the course was how to breathe. It sounds simple right? We do it all day, every day. However, I am 100% sure that the breathing techniques I learnt on the course enabled me to have the positive birth experience I enjoyed. When I was pregnant I had a feeling that I would deliver early rather than going overdue. I knew …

The Thrifty Christmas Tag – what I love most about Christmas

Welcome to the Christmas tag! It’s a blog post chain linked by bloggers tagging each other to join in. I was very kindly tagged by my fellow Gloucestershire blogger Lady Janey. You can read her own Christmas tag post by clicking here.

So, pull up a comfy chair, turn on the tree lights and settle down to read all about Christmas in the Thrifty household:

What’s your favourite Christmas movie? There are so many Christmas movies I love. In the children's film category I adore The Muppets Christmas Carol, Nativity!, Elf and Deck the Halls. I watch The Holiday every year - I'm a big fan of Kate Winslet and her little Cotswold cottage is perfect. My favourite scene is when she gets to L.A. and finds the bedroom has electric blackout blinds - bliss! Love Actually is good too and I'm also partial to a Channel 5 afternoon Christmas movie!

Have you ever had a white Christmas? As a child we used to spend Christmas in London where both of our parents were from. I seem to remember there…

Thrifty, nifty weaning hacks: 2 weeks in

Thrifty Bubba and I are two weeks into our weaning journey so I wanted to share 8 weaning hacks that I've found useful so far. I have more weaning posts in the pipeline so, if you haven't already, please hit the subscribe button to stay in touch.

1. Don't feel rushed.
As a first time Mummy I definitely felt like I started our weaning journey before I was ready let alone baby! You won't be the first parent to feel like you're forcing your baby to eat when they just aren't ready. If they will only take a couple of mouthfuls before becoming fussy, don't worry. Every new food is a taste adventure for them and when they come to try it again it will feel more familiar. Just like their milk feeds, baby will know if you are feeling stressed and will respond accordingly. Come back to it later.

2. There is no right or wrong.
You know your baby best. If they are interested in you eating at mealtimes, introduce food to them while you're eating too. If it's …