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Normalise breastfeeding: Collab with Stephydraws

As a new Mum you are overwhelmed by a myriad of emotions; Love is by far the biggest one of all. However, feeling vulnerable is also a strong concern for many women and, more often than not, new Mum's are in need of support rather than advice.

In Gloucestershire we are lucky to have access to a fantastic charity which supports many women, including their wider family members, during pregnancy and in particular throughout motherhood.

However you choose to feed your baby, the Gloucestershire Breastfeeding Supporters' Network (GBSN) is there to listen to you, empower your decisions, share information, suggest options and, most importantly, make you a cup of tea!

I recently completed my Peer Supporter Training which was entirely funded by GBSN. My voluntary role as a Peer Supporter for GBSN enables me to support new mothers to help them to feel empowered and supported to make their own decisions in aid of their own breastfeeding journey.

My friend and illustrator Steph Gale compl…

Joules store opening: Fun, flags & freebies!

Joules has been a favourite brand in the Thrifty household for many years.

So, imagine our excitement when it was announced that a Joules would be opening in our nearest shopping outlet Gloucester Quays!

We love Gloucester Quays for its discounted clothing and homeware shops, fantastic baby feeding/changing facilities and family friendly restaurants so this news was an extra bonus!

Joules emailed everyone on their mailing list with a Gloucestershire postcode to explain that 21 gift cards (1x £200, 10x £100, 10x £50) would be available on the day for the first 21 people in the queue alongside other freebies!

Never one to shy away from a bargain to be had, I bundled Thrifty Bubba into the car and made sure that we arrived nice and early. We parked in a nearby village (free parking ✅) and enjoyed the quiet canalside walk across to the Quays.

On arrival it became clear that we weren't the only ones excited for the store to open. One hardcore Joules addict informed me that she had queu…

Mummy reviewer series: Saal digital photo books

For the third post in my Mummy reviewer series I was kindly asked to review a photobook from Saal Digital UK. If you saw my recent blog post featuring Popbook Photobooks then you'll know that I love a good photo album!

More comprehensive than the traditional photo book websites, Saal Digital UK offers professional photo products in high-end quality. So, I was excited to see if the quality of my photo book lived up to my expectations.

I chose to sample the 15 x 21 photo book with 26 gloss pages and a gloss hardback cover - the perfect size for our little girl. There are so many sizes, designs and prices you're sure to be able to find something within budget.

If you like to use Photoshop, QuarkXpress or  InDesign you have the option to design your own photobook using these programs. Alternatively, using their Pro-Upload function you can upload your chosen images and then edit them using the Saal Digital software which is accessed by way of free download from the website. I'…

Mummy reviewer series: Popbook photo books

I've always loved photo books since they became a popular and higher quality alternative to traditional photo albums. I purchased one for our wedding and also created one full of our honeymoon photos. I love looking back at the memories and reminiscing over the moments shared.

Previously, I've created standard sized photobooks using Photobox via desktop so I've been interested to try different companies which use mobile sites and apps instead.

I was recently asked if I would like to review a POPBOOK photobook so I leapt at the chance!

POPBOOK photobooks are small sized photobooks available in either 10cm x 10cm at a cost of £5.99 or 13cm x 13cm at a cost of £6.99 which can be created quickly and simply using the dedicated POPBOOK app available on Apple iOS or Android. What's more, delivery is free!

By selecting 21 digital pictures stored on your smartphone or social media accounts, the POPBOOK app allows you to easily edit your images to include filters, borders a…

Mummy reviewer series: The Good Little Company sausages

We were recently asked to become Super Tasters for The Good Little Company's range of Great Pork Sausages and we were delighted when our first delicious delivery arrived.

Now that the clocks have turned back and the darker evenings are drawing in the Thrifty household have been enjoying more winter warmers for dinner. So, these sausages came at just the right time!

So, just how good is TheLittle Good Company?

In a world where sales are king it is important to be able to find companies that make a conscious effort to support vulnerable people and make a positive difference.

The Little Good Company believes that food should be good for you whilst also doing good for others which is why more than 50% of their profits go directly to vulnerable people in developing countries via their two partner charities including The Samburu Trust and The Melanje Orphan Feeding Program.

What makes these sausages special?

As a parent you want to be sure that the food your child is eating is the b…

Have yourself a Thrifty little Christmas

This weekend the Thrifty household completed their Christmas shopping. I'm pleased to say it was entirely paid for in cash made from eBay sales so we are feeling pretty relaxed about Christmas creeping up. However, I remain well aware that this can be a stressful time of year and I'm sure that this is mainly down to monetary worries and the pressure piled on people to buy extravagant gifts. So, if you are looking to save rather than spend this festive season, here are my top tips for having a Thrifty Christmas of your own:1. Start early. There is method in the madness of posting a blog about Christmas almost two months early. The earlier you start your shopping the more time you have to pay for it! 2. Set a budget and stick to it. This is really important. At this time of the year shops are designing their Christmas displays primarily based on the public's ability to impulse buy.  Take a list and only buy what is written down at the best price. Some bloggers swear by using…