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10 things I no longer spend (as much) money on

Today marks the 10 day anniversary of my blog so I'm celebrating by posting my 10 things I no longer spend (as much) money on blog post. I was kindly tagged by @athriftyfox on Instagram to join in with this tag so I hope you enjoy the post and it gets you thinking about your own money journey too.

Food shopping. We now shop at Aldi and Lidl having taken the unbranded challenge and making savvy swaps. We don't miss the hustle and bustle of the top four supermarkets or the garish in store advertising tempting you to buy expensive items. We feel like we are on holiday every time we shop there and our bank balance loves us for it.

Baby products. As a first time Mum I was understandably nervous about which products to use with my newborn. I've sworn by Aldi Mamia nappies ever since becoming a parent and my love for Mamia products now extends into wipes, nappy bags, baby bath and organic baby food. I do use branded nappies but only if they have been sent as free samples - the cost saving is huge and I've found the quality is excellent.

Clothes. Gone are the days when I used to trawl the high street shops for retail therapy. Now I happily rummage for bargains in charity shops, jumble sales and on eBay. All of the nursing clothes I own are second-hand and practically new. I still find bargains and branded items with the tags on for a fraction of the price - why would you pay more?

Exercise. Exercise doesn't have to cost money. In the past I have been a member of a gym and if you use it regularly enough, it can pay for itself. However, if you don't go often or at all, it can be very ineffective cost wise. Walking or running is free and a great way to see the local area and get that all important fresh air. Some local parks even have gym equipment in them that you can use free of charge! Get out there and see what you can find for free.

Haircuts. Don't mistake me- I like a pamper session as much as the next person but hairdressing is one of the most overpriced services out there. Since having a baby I've had my hair cut by my Mum's mobile hairdresser who comes to the house and charges cost price without the overheads of a salon. If you have a hairdresser in your group of friends utilise their skills!

Spa treatments. I love spa treatments especially massage but like haircuts, they can be very expensive. Since being a Mummy I rarely get a moment to myself but if I do, I run a bubble bath pop on a face mask and paint my nails. I purchased some Montagne Jeunesse face masks that were heavily discounted in boots for 10p each but you could use banana, avocado, oats and honey to make your own!

Hot drinks. Costa, Caffè Nero, Starbucks… you name it, we've all been there. If you are meeting friends, drink an iced water (free!) first and if you're still thirsty then buy a drink or meet at Waitrose where a hot  drink is free with a MyWaitrose card. I now drink steamed milk with a shot of sugar-free syrup if I'm treating myself - it's so much cheaper than the usual drinks offered and better for your waistline too!

Days out. There are all kinds of attractions to take children to nowadays. If you are lucky enough to live nearby to one you visit regularly then consider buying an annual pass but only if you will use it enough. My top tip for days out is to pack your own picnic! Activities such as feeding the ducks, visiting the park, blackberry picking and making sandcastles on the beach are all free and make lasting memories.

Car cleaning. I used to love going to get my car washed, hoovered and polished at a local garage. I still like a clean car now but grabbing a bucket, sponge and soapy water does the job and also gives me a workout at the same time. That £9 is better in my bank!

Presents. This year we have stripped back our present buying be it birthdays, Mother’s day, Father’s day or Christmas - Secret Santa is fantastic at Christmas for ensuring that everyone gets a present and only has to buy one themselves. Shop in the sale for next year’s birthdays and limit yourself to only one present per person. If your friends have children perhaps suggest that you only buy for the kids from now on… Every little helps!

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if it got you thinking. Where could you save money and what do you no longer deem necessary spending? While you're here please comment, subscribe and follow me on Instagram - I'd love for you to stick around. Let me know your thoughts.
Love, Thrifty Mumma X


  1. Hi Thrifty Mumma, we to have started using the cheaper supermarkets and have found that the quality is really good. We've also started trying to save money buy doing batch cooking and having tasty homemade meals already prepared in the freezer.

    1. Hi Thrifty Dadda, that's great news! Cheaper supermarkets do offer excellent quality. Batch cooking is a great way to meal prep and stay on top of your budget between monthly food shops. Good for you!


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